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Voluntary Agricultural District

North Carolina county map

The Voluntary Agricultural District program has expanded across 90 counties in North Carolina. Nash County officials worked diligently to ensure Nash County landowners have the opportunity to enroll in both Traditional and Enhanced Agriculture Districts.

Nash County is home to more than 220 Agricultural Districts with 61 Enhanced Districts and 159 Traditional Districts totaling 9,510 acres enrolled in the program.

Private landowners are encouraged to register their land as a Voluntary Agricultural District. Land must have been used for agriculture, horticulture or forestry for a minimum of 5 years. Agriculture districts are helpful to farmers and agriculture commodities to continue agricultural practices on the land.

How to enroll:

If you are a landowner in Nash County and wish to apply for the Voluntary Agricultural District program stop by the Cooperative Extension Office located in the Agriculture Center in Nashville to pick up an application. One person may complete the application, but all landowners must sign after approval.

Enhanced VS. Traditional:

There are two tracks within the VAD program. Both operate on a ten year term.

Enhanced Agriculture Districts ensures that your land remains in agricultural use for at least 10 years once enrolled in the program. Enhanced Districts are filled within the Nash County Register of Deeds office.

Traditional Agriculture Districts can be removed at any time or subdivided for other opportunities. However, we hope you will choose to keep your land in agricultural use.


Voluntary Agriculture District Farm signs are available for purchase once the Agriculture District has been established (see image below). Signs are 24″ x 18″ double-sided, weather treated and reflective coated.Nash County Agricultural District Farm logo

View the map:

To view the current map of agriculture districts in Nash County check out the Nash County G.I.S. website. On the right side of the map, make sure your ‘Map Theme’ is selected to ‘Tax,’ then expand the drop down box ‘Base Layers’ and click ‘Agriculture Districts.’ This information is updated on an annual basis.

See more information about the statewide Voluntary Agricultural District program.

Last updated: 01/22/2021

VAD Landowner Application