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Connecting With Educators

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Nash County 4-H has a long history of working with teachers in providing hands-on enrichment opportunities for their students. In an effort to support our local teachers, this page is developed to provide information on how to obtain our school enrichment kits and curriculum as well as provide 4-H virtual resources to compliment the academic need for students.

2020 4-H STEM Challenge: Mars Base Camp Kit

Through a generous donor and other contributors, Nash County 4-H has worked with 5th grade teachers to provide FREE Mars Base Camp family kits. The race to land humans on Mars is on! The 2020 4‑H STEM Challenge will explore sending a mission to Mars with the activity, Mars Base Camp. Developed by Google and Virginia Cooperative Extension, Mars Base Camp is a collection of activities that teaches kids ages 8-14 STEM skills like mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and agriculture.

Get Started with Insight from Mars

4-H STEM Challenge: Red Planet Odyssey Part 1 – Building Your Rover Video

4-H STEM Challenge: Red Planet Odyssey Part 2 Activity Overview Video

4-H STEM Challenge: Landing Zone Surveyor Activity Overview Video

When astronauts travel to space, they communicate every day with mission control about what they see and what they learn. This is your opportunity to imagine that you are the first human explorer on Mars. Think about the things you might discover and the questions your friends or family might ask about your mission.

Code your discovery in Scratch and share your animated story about something exciting you have discovered on the surface of Mars!

Teachers wanting to expand their students learning and play along too? 

Mars Base Camp Youth and Facility Guides

Virginia 4-H STEM CHALLENGE Resources

4-H Embryology

The 4-H Embryology Program is a long-standing 4-H program that provides children hands-on experience in the incubation period, and hatching of chickens. The incubation period takes a total of 21 days for the chicks to hatch. Our 4-H program has been working with our local public and private schools to provide teachers an opportunity to check out equipment at a minimum charge. Teachers receive basic training, detailed instructions, an incubator, heat lamp and a dozen of fertile eggs to hatch. Upon completion of the project, our office will pick up the supplies and baby chicks. This program is offered each spring with a choice of session 1 or session 2. Teachers are asked to contact our office during the month of January, February and March to sign up. We have limited supplies so don’t wait too long.

NC Steps to Health 

School Based Programs

STH_Program Delivery Brochure

Check out the programs that are available to your students. Several programs are updated to include virtual instruction provided by an Extension Educator. If you have any questions about these particular programs, please contact Regina Moseley at or call her at 252-459-9810.

4-H Kits Available to Check Out

(Stay tuned to learn how to check out kits)

National 4-H Youth Science Day Kits (Grades 4th – 8th) – Each of the National 4-H Youth Science links below provide videos that explains each project. Our kits include most of the items needed to complete the project in small groups. Due to COVID-19, we are working to make these kits for individual work where students and teachers would be responsible to sanitizing after each use. Some of the projects have PowerPoint presentations as a resource for teachers to use as a means of facilitation of the activity. Some kits require materials that you will need to purchase or replace.

Toy car

Motion Commotion Kit

Motion Commotion Video

Motion Commotion Introduction

Rockets To The Rescue Kit

Rockets To The Rescue Kit

Rockets To The Rescue Video

Rockets to the Rescue Introduction

Drone Discovery Kit

Drone Discovery Kit

Drone Discovery Video

Drone Discovery Introduction

Game Changers Kit

Game Changers Kit

Game Changers Video

Game Changers Table of Contents

Code Your World Kit

Code Your World Kit

Code Your World Video

Code Your World Table of Contents

The Power of the Wind Kit

The Power of the Wind Kit

Power of Wind Video

Power of Wind Table of Contents

Hive Helpers Kit

Hive Helpers Kit

Hive Helper Facilitator Guide

Hive Helpers Table of Contents

Beekeepers Kit

Beekeepers Kit

Beekeepers Table of Contents

Magic of Electricity Kit

Magic of Electricity Kit

Magic of Electricity Table of Contents

In addition to the National 4-H Youth Science Day kits, we have other kits that provide a series of instruction for a particular topic that meets a specific grade level. You will find a list of those kits below. Many of these kits may need additional supplies provided by the student or teacher. Most of those items would be consumables that are not replaced in the kit.

NEW NC 4-H Curriculum Site

Other 4-H Curriculum Kits Available

4-H Curriculum for K – 5th grade

4-H Curriculum for 6 – 8th grade

4-H Curriculum for 9 – 12th grade

Due to COVID-9, NC 4-H Youth Development has worked to create virtual learning opportunities for students. Teachers may find these virtual learning opportunities beneficial and accompany their lessons. You will find these videos available in the links below.

NC 4-H Spark Activities for Virtual Learning

The NC 4-H Youtube channel provides instructional videos available that can be used for any audience.

NC 4-H Youtube

Virtual Local Food Resources for High School Foods II Class

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