Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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Image of a pump bottle dispensing hand sanitizer into a person's palmThe big topic of discussion at this time is COVID-19. We live in an age of technology and a lot of information is readily available about COVID-19. Please remember to check your source of information and make sure you are getting information from a reliable source. One topic moving around social media is the recipe for homemade hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is considered an ok defense against COVID-19 however, properly washing your hands with soap and water is your best defense. Hand sanitizer is in limited supply so this has led people to make their own. There are many recipes circulating on the internet and social media sites showing you how to make hand sanitizer. Most of these recipes are inaccurate and not effective. Hand sanitizer is made from specific measurements of certain strengths of ingredients. The World Health Organization has released a recipe for homemade hand sanitizer which is ok to use if you follow the directions as listed. Again, properly washing your hands with soap and water is your best defense against COVID-19.

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