NC State Extension Grows North Carolina

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Extension Grows North Carolina

NC State Extension is a bridge between North Carolinians and our state’s preeminent research university. We transform science into everyday solutions across the state, extending knowledge through programs and partnerships focused on agriculture and food, health and nutrition, and 4-H you development.

Extension Leads the Way

Feeding Our Future.

Improving Our Health.

Enriching Our Youth.

NC State Extension . . .

  • Keeps North Carolina’s agriculture industry growing and sustainable by connecting growers with research-based information and technology.
  • Helps people make healthier decisions and live better lives through programs that range from home gardening and healthy eating to local food systems and food safety.
  • Our 4-H program addresses the diverse issues and backgrounds of today’s youth, helping them grow more than 260,000 young people into healthier, more involved citizens and future leaders.

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NC State Extension Annual Impact 2019-2020

NC State Extension Annual Report 2019-2020