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Empowering Youth and Families

Communication Education for Families

EYFP FLYER 2021 Spring

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Here is a program that is designed to help family members build their communication skills and also help parents and caregivers communicate positively. 

Virtual Open House Session
Tuesday, April 20th at 6:30 p.m.
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To learn more about this program please contact
Adrienne Williams 252.459.9810 or send an email to 

This program is FREE and has been developed and implemented by
NC State University 4-H and funded by a Rural Health and
Safety Education grant and SAMHSA

Weekly session meetings will be held virtually via Zoom and weekly FREE pick up meals will be provided for each family who participates in the program.

N.C. Cooperative Extension and NC State University is excited, once again, to be able to offer the invaluable Empowering Youth and Families Program in Nash County. This FREE program is comprised of 4 core elements which provide intensive relationship and communication education for families with a focus on providing research-based information about the impact and statistics related to opioid misuse specifically to help youth and families make informed health decisions. A few statistics:

  • $582 million spent annually in North Carolina on opioid abuse
  • North Carolina ranked 16th nationally on health care cost associated with opioid abuse
  • North Carolina rural counties 116% increase in opioid-related deaths

Our Program

Families with youth ages 10-14 will meet each week to participate in sessions that provide age-appropriate training in the art of family building or information about opioid misuse and allow them to practice new skills and behaviors. This program is designed to:

  • Prevent youth substance misuse before it begins
  • Improve family relationships and communication skills
  • Educate communities about protective factors
  • Build resilient people, strong families and powerful communities

Community Event

Families in the program will work together with local partners and 4-H staff to present an event that will promote the prevention of opioid misuse to the citizens of Nash County and the broader community.

Developed and implemented by NC State University 4-H and funded by a Rural Health and Safety Education grant and SAMHSA

Connecting With Parks and Recreation

man speaking at an outdoor podiumThe Nash County Empowering Youth and Families Program has made a great connection with an amazing community partner Nash County Parks and Recreation. Nash County Parks and Recreation is located in downtown Nashville, NC in the Claude Mayo, Jr., Administration Building. Thomas Gillespie is the Nash County Parks and Recreation Director. He along with his staff manage the day to day activities of parks and recreation for the county. This agency is very active in the community. They provide sports and recreational services throughout the county for the purposes of health, leisure and entertainment. The agency maintains park facilities and structures built for sport, recreation and other programs while also managing all of the activities offered throughout the year. Working alongside this agency provides the opportunity to reach a large number of the families and youth in our community

The Director, Thomas Gillespie has welcomed the opportunity to work with EYFP help Empower our Youth in Nash County. He as well as his staff member Tamika Hill, an EYFP facilitator, are an integral part of reaching our goals.

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EYFP – Opioid Prevention Program
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