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Empowering Youth and Families

Please stay tuned for when sessions will resume.


What is the Empowering Youth and Families Program

The Empowering Youth and Families Program is delivered within parent, youth, and family sessions. Parents and youth meet in separate groups for the first hour and together as families during the second hour to practice skills, play games, and do family projects. Sessions are highly interactive and include role-playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects.

The Empowering Youth and Families Program is designed to . . .

  • Prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems
  • Strengthen parenting skills
  • Improve family cohesiveness

What are the benefits of the Empowering Youth and Families Program?

  • Delaying the onset of adolescent substance use/abuse
  • Lowering levels of aggression
  • Increasing the resistance to peer pressure in youth
  • Increasing the ability of parents/caregivers to set appropriate limits and show affection to and support of their children
  • Creating positive outcomes with school-related behavior problems
  • Giving youth a healthy future orientation and an increased appreciation of their parents/caregivers

How does it work?

Empowering Youth and Families content is delivered for the first hour to parents and youth in separate groups. The groups typically come together for a family meal and then practice skills, play games, and do family projects during the second hour. Sessions are highly interactive and include role-playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects. Special features include:

  • Parents and youth learning together
  • Sessions are designed and use examples with ethnically diverse families in rural and urban settings
  • Scientific evaluation that has shown the program to be effective

Connecting With Parks and Recreation

The Nash County Empowering Youth and Families Program has made a great connection with an amazing community partner Nash County Parks and Recreation. Nash County Parks and Recreation is located in downtown Nashville, NC in the Claude Mayo, Jr., Administration Building. Thomas Gillespie is the Nash County Parks and Recreation Director. He along with his staff manage the day to day activities of parks and recreation for the county. This agency is very active in the community. They provide sports and recreational services throughout the county for the purposes of health, leisure and entertainment. The agency maintains park facilities and structures built for sport, recreation and other programs while also managing all of the activities offered throughout the year. Working alongside this agency provides the opportunity to reach a large number of the families and youth in our community

The Director, Thomas Gillespie has welcomed the opportunity to work with EYFP help Empower our Youth in Nash County. He as well as his staff member Tamika Hill, an EYFP facilitator, are an integral part of reaching our goals.

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