4-H Embryology In-Home Project

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Embryology: The Study of Life

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What is the 4-H Embryology
In-Home Project?

The 4-H Embryology Program is a long standing 4-H program that provides children, of all ages, a hands-on experience in the incubation period and hatching of chickens. The incubation period takes a total of 21 days for the chicks to hatch. Twelve fertile eggs, along with an incubator, and complete instructions will be picked up to the registered child/parent on an assigned date.

chick breaking shellChildren and parents will be responsible for caring for the eggs until the chicks are ready to hatch. After hatching the chicks (along with the incubator and supplies) will be scheduled to return them back to the Nash County 4-H staff.

Here’s how it works:

Two Sessions Available

Each participant will receive an incubator, 12 eggs, a heat lamp, and feed.
Incubators must be returned thoroughly cleaned.


February 23rd-March18th


Pick up incubator and set eggs on February 23rd
Incubate Eggs for 21 days – Day 21 (March 16th) is Hatching Day
On March 18th from 12-4 p.m. will be drop off, return all baby chicks, clean incubator, and heat lamp.
A Step by Step Manual will be provided to explain the daily responsibilities for participating in this project.


April 20th-May 13th

Pick up incubator and set eggs on April 20th
Incubate Eggs for 21 days – Day 21 (May 11th) is Hatching Day
On May 13th from 12-4 p.m., return all baby chicks, clean incubator,
and heat lamp.
A Step by Step Manual will be provided to explain the daily responsibilities for participating in this project.

COST: $10 Per Session

20 per session due to limited incubators available.

Caring for the chicks both prior to and after they are hatched allows for the development of life skills. Children particularly will develop a sense of responsibility and nurturing that will serve as a foundation for their future as contributing and caring citizens.

In Home 4-H Embryology Project Flyer

If you are interested in having your child participate in this program, follow the steps below:

  1. Step One:  Register and Pay $10.00 through Eventbrite-  This is first come first served. Please do not register for more than one session. Make sure you register for the date that you can conduct the project entirely. Check dates of sessions. 
  2. Step Two: Enroll in 4-H Online 2.0 In order to participate in this 4-H opportunity, you must register in 4-H ONLINE 2.0. You will choose Member at Large if you are not a current club member.

  3. Step Three: Confirmation Pick Up You will be notified of a pick up confirmation time. When you come to pick up your equipment and eggs, all materials will be labeled with your Last name and ready for pick up at the front lobby of the Nash County Agriculture Center. Please be mindful of social distancing and we ask that only the adult exits the vehicle for pick up.

4-H Embryology Session 1 Eventbrite Link

Eventbrite has ended for Session 1 Contact Amy @ amy_ormond@ncsu.edu if interested. Registration has been extended to Feb 12th.

4-H Embryology Session 2 Eventbrite Link

Pickup and Drop Off Location

Nash County 4-H Office
Located at the Nash County Agriculture Center in Nashville
1006 Eastern Avenue, Room 106

Thank you to Sanderson Farms for the donation of eggs.

Sanderson Farms4-H Grows Here

If you are not familiar with the 4-H Youth Development program take a few minutes to explore what this program has to offer your children.

Nash County 4-H Youth Development Program

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Updated on Feb 18, 2021
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