Nash County Farm-City Celebration

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Nash County’s farmers do more than grow the food we eat. They are stewards of the land, leaders, and volunteers in our communities, and never quit until the job is done. They believe in the power of duct tape and zip ties, but know the weatherman only gets it right 50% of the time (maybe). Farmers are innovators, researchers, teachers, bookkeepers, advocates, historians, and so much more.

AgendaWelcome | Parker Philips
American Pledge & 4-H Pledge | Corbin Clark & Seth LaHay
Agriculture Update | Greg Bunn
Guest Speakers | President Harding & Lynda Loveland
Agriculture Award Winners | Lynda Loveland
Agriculture Success Story | Matthew Stevens, Maryanna Waters & Kelsey Lichtenwalner
Extension Update | Sandy Hall
Drawing of farm and city