4-H Cellphone Photography Contest Results

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Youth had the opportunity to attend a Cellphone Photography Virtual Summer Camp. This camp was presented by Nash County 4-H to provide youth an opportunity to enhance their cellphone photography skills. There were two 5-day classes, Introduction to Cell Phone Photography for Beginners Class (ages 5 years to 10 years) and Advanced Cell Phone Photography Class (ages 11 years to 18 years). They learned how to take professional-like photos, how to develop a photographer’s eye, lighting and a variety of photography techniques that help them go from ordinary to extraordinary. Check some of the top images . . .

Advanced Class Results

Ages 11 years to 18 years

First Place

Heaven On Earth – PEYTON COOKE

Flower and rainbow

Second Place

The Tree in the Shadows – ALEXANDRA BLAKE


Third Place

The Polka Dot Shot – EVA MOONEY

Girl at night

Beginners Class Results

Ages 5 years to 10 years. Due to age Beginners were not judged.

Boats, train tracks, turtle

Flowers, eggs, bush

Check out all the extraordinary photos!

Beginners’ class video of all photos.

Advanced class video of all photos.