Cotton Seed Viability Test

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Image of cotton seedN.C. Department of Agriculuture and Consumer Services along with NC State Extension wants to ensure growers are receiving adequate information about seed germination rates. Please use the following link as a guideline for a secure planting season.

Cross-check your lot # with the NCDA&CS database to see if it has been tested, frequently. Check each lot number.

NCDA&CS Cotton Seed Viability Check

Cotton Planting Conditions Calculator

Please contact Brian Bowers with NCDA&CS if you do NOT see your lot # listed.

NCDA&CS inspectors must pull all official seed samples. If a cotton seed bag was treated down stream, be sure to check lot #’s before you plant. If you do not see if your lot number listed, do not pull the sample yourself. Hold an unopened bag for NCDA&CS inspectors.