Cleaning Up After the Storm: Fact Sheets and Phone App

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hand-apple-iphone-smartphoneAs people are returning to flood damaged homes, many question arise as to what should be thrown away, what can be salvaged, and how to clean up. North Carolina State Cooperative Extension has a website with lots of information that will answer most of these questions. The link, features a tab called fact sheets, that provides specific information about cleaning up in general, cleaning furniture, cleaning up the kitchen, and what to do with appliances. There also sheets about how to choose a contractor and not get scammed.

In addition, a free phone application or ‘app’ is available to smart phone users. Rebuild Healthy Homes app available for download at Google Play ( for Android and at iTunes ( for iPhone and iPad. This guide was developed to help homeowners, volunteers, and others involved in clean up to safely restore disaster damaged homes. The app is easy to use and provides how-to guides, tips, and information related to specific kinds of disasters.